New Blog


I've decided to redo my blog. I'm now running the latest version of Ghost. [1] I've also switched to using Nanobox as my way of hosting and deploying my blog. It has worked out wonderfully.


When Ghost released version 1.0.0, it was a major change from the earlier versions. There was a new way of configuring the blog


Nanobox has been amazingly easy to set up. It allows me to own my server, while handling all of the setup automatically. This has been great since I needed to run a server before to host the MySQL DB, so now I can consolidate down. Nanobox also has great support for scaling up if needed. Currently I am just running on one node though right now.


If you would like to do it yourself, it should be very easy.

  1. Create an account with Nanobox
  2. Install the Nanobox client
  3. Clone this repository and cd into the directory
  4. Run nanobox dns add local to create an easy way to access this app when developing locally
  5. You should now be able to run nanobox run inside the repository directory
  6. After nanobox downloads the needed docker images you should see the following:
  7. You can now run yarn start and then navigate to
  8. You should now have a ghost blog up and running on your local machine

To prepare the app for production:

  1. Change the url in the config.production.json file to point to your url
  2. You will need to set up a Mailgun account for emails
  3. Add two environment variables with the nanobox evar add MAIL__OPTIONS__AUTH__USER="REPLACE_WITH_DEFAULT_SMTP_USER" and nanobox evar add MAIL__OPTIONS__AUTH__USER="REPLACE_WITH_DEFAULT_SMTP_PASS"
  4. You will find these variables in your domain information section on Mailgun
  5. After this you should be all set to deploy to your server after creating your new app on nanobox.

  1. 1.8.0 at the time of posting ↩︎